Polypropylene Tying Twine


  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Soft, smooth, pliable
  • Economical
  • Knots easily and tightly
  • Lays flat on packages
  • Resists rot, moisture, mildew, all rodents and most acids
  • The Beacon Line:
    Ball footage guaranteed, each coreless tube individually shrink wrapped to ensure package stability and cleanliness, superior knot and tensile strength


  • Agriculture
  • Baling and Bundling
  • Banner Manufacturing
  • Farming
  • Industrial
  • Lumber
  • Newspapers
  • Pallet Stabilization
  • Resale
  • Retail
  • Disposal, Recycling, Scrap, Waste


  • Spiral Wrap
    Monofilament. Made of parallel untwisted filaments bound together with a spiral wrap.
  • Slit Film
    Single ply. Twisted for continuity, uniformity and strength. Made of fibrillated tape.
  • Slit Film Plied
    Two or three ply. Increased strength and durability. Made of fibrillated tape.
  • Pull Line
    Made of continuous monofilament fibers that can be pulled or vacuumed through conduit.

Additional Options

  • Standard tying twines contain no UV or heat stabilizers and are not intended for extended exposure to sunlight/UV light
  • Color, UV and heat stabilization can be added for an additional cost and minimum order quantity


  • All tying twine products are packaged in master cartons
  • Each carton contains four individually shrink wrapped and boxed tubes
  • 20 Master cartons per pallet
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VariationSizeTypical TensileTypical KnotsGuaranteed ft. / TubeTubes / Master Carton
Spiral Wrap350369242 lbs.3,500 ft.4
Spiral Wrap450307195 lbs.4,500 ft.4
Spiral Wrap550257157 lbs.5,500 ft.4
Spiral Wrap650214133 lbs.6,500 ft.4
Spiral Wrap850164103 lbs.8,500 ft.4
Spiral Wrap105013284 lbs.10,500 ft.4
Spiral Wrap125011172 lbs.12,500 ft.4
Spiral Wrap16508353 lbs.16,500 ft.4
Slit Film350323253 lbs.3,500 ft.4
Slit Film450253203 lbs.4,500 ft.4
Slit Film550207165 lbs.5,500 ft.4
Slit Film650179142 lbs.6,500 ft.4
Slit Film850134109 lbs.8,500 ft.4
Slit Film105010687 lbs.10,500 ft.4
Slit Film12509679 lbs.12,500 ft.4
Slit Film Plied2 Ply 55011172 lbs.12,500 ft.4
Slit Film Plied2 Ply 8508353 lbs.16,500 ft.4
Slit Film Plied3 Ply 550164103 lbs.8,500 ft.4
Slit Film Plied3 Ply 85013284 lbs.10,500 ft.4
Pull Line650179142 lbs.6,500 ft.4
Pull Line850134109 lbs.8,500 ft.4
Pull Line105010687 lbs.10,500 ft.4
Pull Line12509679 lbs.12,500 ft.4